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Sunday, August 9, 2009

You Don’t Need to Fear god To Date Me, Cause I Will Cut You!

I was asked to speak at a meeting tonight that focuses on “SEX INTAMACY & RELATIONSHIPS” and I was a loss for words. I never think about what I’m going to say at a meeting so that I don’t sound rehearsed or as others would say “I let my higher power speak through me” Usually I try to be Mr. Punch Line but I couldn’t get my head around how serious of a topic this is.

Of course I gave the blog a plug (shameless product placement) but I didn’t mention the name of it. I guess do the fact that I’ve been dating so much lately I realize how much of myself I’m giving away. Whether it be in the rooms, or on first & second dates. I still haven’t had a third date but hey ‘PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION’.

I have to admit the more I examine myself and dig deep down to how I’m really feeling I become more aware of the fact that I actually am happy to be single. I’m not alone that’s for sure and I haven’t met anyone that I’m ready to settle down with yet either. I am becoming more aware of the fact that it takes way more then two dates to really get to know someone. I’m also realizing that you can learn a lot by the second date especially when it lasts almost three days.

First dates can wrong in so many ways, so can second and I wouldn’t be surprised if thirds fourths and fifths etc can do the same. At least I haven’t stabbed anyone… Recently!

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