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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It can’t just be me? Can it?

Yeah yeah yeah I know, I’m like the one fucking young (30) gay man out there that isn’t looking to fuck every guy I meet but that’s not gonna stop me from bitching about it. I don’t even know where to begin I’m so irritated right now.

Here’s my line in the sand for all you out there that have my phone number or my aim screen names. Don’t “sup” me and then reply “sup” as though I fucking engaged a conversation. I have plenty of people in my life that I can call on and text and instant message and actually have a conversation. If I want to talk to kids in the language of abbreviations I talk to my little cousins. All of you that know me know how light hearted and jovially a person I am and I express myself in a very comical manner. Me “too serious” I think not. Right now yes because I’m aggravated by Officer Abercrombie with his bullshit. I don’t need relationships that depend only on a keyboard.

If you’re young dumb and full of cum kudos to you. I’m sure you can find someone to assist you there are plenty of websites and phone lines dedicated to these things. Mine is not one of them. I enjoy talking to people I consider friends and even just acquaintances’. “Hi, how are you?” “Good, yourself?” “Can’t complain, so what’s new? How’s that thing go?” “Oh it went ok I guess. Hey you wanna meet for lunch or coffee and I’ll tell you all about it?” “Sure when are you free? OMG and I gotta tell you what happened to me the other day!” That’s a normal conversation.

So if you can’t talk like a normal human being and work out dialog that is more then “sup, nm, nothing, chillin, not tonite, nah, lol, j/k” so if you categorize me as being to serious that just means you’ve put no effort into getting to know me and actually know nothing about me. So if this applies to you SERIOUSLY the juries back don’t bother me.


  1. Sorry Tommy. That sounds shitty. Just enought to drive me fucking Krazy with a kay!!! Then I was thinking, oh man, I'm sure I've never said sup? to Tommy? Talk soon. XO. B.

  2. Who is this? you know what sucks is that I don't understand it but Officer Abercrombie has some strange internet sexual control over me, we were talking online tonight...