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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cRaZy Is LiKe WaTeR, iT tAkEs ThE sHaPe Of ItS cOnTaInErEr

We All know water seeks its own level, and birds of a feather? Well they flock together. I know I'm a crazy bitch, I don't have crazy eyes though. I have had many incarnation's of my craziness. In High School My craziness manifested by dieing my hair and sticking safety pins through an assortment of my fleshy parts. Falling in love with a boy that was completely unavailable. rebelling against any and every rule.

In my early 20's my craziness took shape by jumping into relationships and moving back and forth across the country as if I were some how inspired my by the Louis & Clarke expeditions. Also by experimenting with every drug that was put before me. Except heroin. I am afraid of heroin, my uncle died from asphyxiation on his own vomit in his sleep while passed out. I don't like slowing down. I was always being told to hurry up by my mother so when I found my drug of choice it was almost instantaneous love. I could move at speeds and maintain a stamina that was unknown to my constantly melancholy state of being.

See its not just the vessel that's shaped like crazy. I think my liquid fillings have also had crazy powder thoroughly baked into my genes and regardless of the shape my mold I'm still a moist cake of insanity so no matter how you slice it I am my insanity my fillings and my behaviors however I choose to bake myself.

I am now 30 and very much on the table of proper portions and delicious finger sandwiches of slogans steps and recovery, but every now and then I like to take bigger bite then I can chew and wash it down with some crazy juice!

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