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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahoy me Matey!

Well everyone I had to take a few days off to recuperate. I had a very laborious and rewarding Memorial weekend. I still have not seen Angels & Demons or Terminator Salvation so if anyone would like to take me to a movie I’d love to go.

I had the most unexpected phone call on Sunday. A dear friend asked me to be her First Mate on her ship. Now anyone that knows me knows that I’ve had a very unusual life and in 30 years on the planet I’ve done many different things and can say I’ve lived more then one or two lives so far. Also I have always looked at new experiences as an opportunity to expand my horizon. Now I’ve always drawn the line at physical labor. Sorry been there done that I’ve been a bus boy a waiter a carpenters apprentice etc. Also I’m from a blue collar middle class family so I was raised to view labor as the only truly worthy work. This value never hit my core. I’ve always been an artist at heart, whatever my given medium is at that moment. I pursued photography and ceramics in my early years followed by drawing and always was interested in architecture. So I was groomed for a life in contracting and construction. I know all my gays are squirming at the thought of a hot butch man in denim and construction boots, but now imagine that its you with your arms in the car engine or on that cold construction site and how rough and calloused your hands were and how much dirt would be under your nails. Now imagine a grease stain on your designer whatever. Yeah you’re squirming for a different reason now aren’t you?

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy knowing that I can perform some basic procedures in home and auto maintenance, but to get my hands dirty drives me crazy. I have soft hands and feet and I would like to keep them that way. However I finally found a labor of love. I don’t know what it was, maybe because I’m a Pisces and that I’ve always felt at home near the ocean and at peace floating in the water. I LOVED working on a boat. My first fear was that my inadequate arms would not be strong enough to pull the rope or worse my delicate hands would have no grip on the rope. Then the fear of falling of the dock and getting pinned between the boat and dock ran through my head. The worst fear was that I’d tie the knots wrong and the boat would float away and I’d be expected to jump into the Hudson to retrieve it. None of these things happened.

I took to the boat like a fish to water. I was at home there in the harbor. The salt in the air, the wind in my face, the rocking back and forth of the boat I could go on and on about how I adapted to my new surroundings. It took a few tries to get the knots down but before I knew it I was shoving off and pulling in the starboard fender off the bow. My Capt taught me as much as she could in the day we worked together and it was a pleasure working with her. Now I have got to tell you this was work. I had to jump on and off the boat push the boat from the dock (that’s where the ‘shoving off’ phrase comes from) I always knew starboard was right and port was left after all I’m a Trekker. I just never saw the appeal of seamanship. I was so wrong to think this was just the same old rough hands labor. There is camaraderie amongst sea fairing folks that I’ve only felt in the rooms of recovery. I was introduced to the crew of a very well known actors Yacht and just serving under my Capt they all introduced themselves to me and instantly there was a bond. The “Bond” is the love of the Ocean.

Now I’m not leaving my land life anytime soon but I am applying to be back up ‘First Mate’. I enjoyed myself so much that I look forward to serving in this capacity again. Knowing that the Sea is in control and Poseidon holds my fate even off the shores of NYC. I have always embraced the riskier side of life. I’ve sky dived, traveled across America couriering things I shouldn’t have, and now earned my sea legs. All the peril with none of the legal ramifications and I am getting paid. It’s truly a win/win situation. So shiver me timbers mates there really is a women for me the Sea. And a female Captain that I gladly take orders from. But wouldn’t it be great if I could start filling this blog with stories of the men of many ports? So who knows maybe I’ll start a new career and say good by to all ye land lovers and find me a mate in all the ports me fair lady the wind takes me!