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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Big Dong Cum On Me, Umm, I mean Obi One Conobi

You're my only hope. I know you're saying WTF? but wouldn't that be a funny old daddy porn star name if you loved sci/fi like I do. So yes I love Classic Star Wars and Star Trek in all conceptions (can't wait for the new Movie I think i just jizzed a little) but maybe this is why I'm single there aren't many young attractive gay sci/fi buffs that have a twisted edgy sense of humor like me. Now there are some that fall into all the varying categories but I think I'm the only one that has congealed like I have. Don't get me wrong I can converse with any broadway show tune diva with a buttplug microphone and it's not like I go to the conventions dressed as my favorite character (cause if I did the gay gene would kick on and I'd be fierce betch) but where are the cute geeky edgy smart ass guys that are single. Do they get hearded off somewhere? Come out come out were ever you are, geeking out. I see all this chelsea guys that wear the non perscription glasses cause some how dork and geek is the new fashion but its SO MOTHER FUCKING transparant. Whatever guilt complex you're making amends for like um teasing my real fellow 4 eyes friends wearing clear non perscription eye wear is kinda STUPID. Except you Alan O, I got your back betch! but the rest of you NO NO NO I wear glasses and I hate it. I try to wear my contacts as much as possible but I like to keep my eyes health and so I alternate. But none of my eye wear is clumpy cunky plastic that looks like it was stolen from the set of revenge of the Nerds. No I wear metal frameless Dolce & Gabbana's or fierce perscription polarized Prada so I know my fellow gay geeks and dorks the real ones (Alan you fit here cause of UBER inteligent political Satire and you should start your own blog) I repeat come out come out where ever you are! And if some Trendy anti-trendy oh so trendy chelesea boy is moving in on your mark smack'em push'em infront of a cab let them really know what it feels like to be under the bus! Not that we should be hurting each other I think we should be loving one another. But I do believe in taking words back like "Gay Bashing" lets take the word back people go punch a straight person "WHACK" and say you just got gay bashed!

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