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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Minutes to Midnight on 4/20/09

So not where to start other then how today went. It's been raining all day and I've stayed home enjoying a fantastic book "Foundation and Earth" by Isaac Asimov. I've spent the last month reading the entire series. I read "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand and that was a painful experience.
Now for something completely off topic. I have decided to take a brake from the dating world for a little while. In 6 months I haven't met anyone worth writing home to but I sure have some good stories to share with you.
Last summer I decided I was ready to start dating again & that maybe meeting people in public (not bathhouse public) would suit me better then the Internet. I had noticed that guys were flirting with me so with the coaxing and guidance of a friend in regards to eye contact and making a move "cause you will probably never see that man again esp if you walk away not giving any sign of interest" I met Doctor Josh. Now realizing that I wanted something more then instant gratification or instant relationship I approached this trepedatiously also I hadn't met anyone like this in a long time. So after 2 weeks of running into each other walking in the same direction from the train every morning I stopped him and with trembling hands I saved his # into my phone. We began the courtship dance and he put his cards on the table about his BF. I being little miss prude said we could just be friends but he had other intentions. We continued to run into each other regularly and during texts and phone calls and chats in person he assured me that his relationship wasn't serious. And me being a sucker for his PHD followed him into a restroom where we ummm compared plumbing. Guilt ridden I avoided him for several weeks until he called me inquiring why I was avoiding him. Mentioning the BF he cemented that it wasn't serious and more a roommate thing so I rebuttaled "then you won't object to a date" no answer for that one. After smoking enough cigarettes to get my ego on a nice nicotine high and my conscious to nod out a little I called Dr Josh one weekend and he explained he was out of town and he'd call when he returned. (Here's where my life officially turned into an episode of 'Sex and the City') Well he never did, but my therapist with the help of a reliable source aka The Sunday Style Section from the NY Times announced the wedding of Dr Josh and his partner the blond gay not so serious BF version of Natasha. Well if Natasha ever gets who I'm referring to if its any consolation we never did more then compare and there was just one kiss.
Then I met VELCROBOY; a instantly attached gay man that had the adhesive power of 'crazy' glue. Plus he was holding onto some lost Vogueing youth and using pictures of a body that hadn't existed since 'the house of hello no one vogues anymore'. I used to have a washboard stomach in my 20's also but I don't use 5-10yr old pics for my manhunt profile (this was strike #1). Although very nice I don't think anyone wants to hear "we'll never go out we'll just stay in and watch TV and movies all the time (strike #2)" or my favorite "wouldn't it be great if we get rid of our manhunt accounts" (strike #3) (yeah that sounds greatif it weren't for the fact that we've now known each other maybe 5 minutes)
So realizing the internet might not be the best place to meet Mr Maybe butI haven't given up yet and I will fill everyone in soon on whatelse has happened to me in the last year.

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