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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

crazy eyes

Ok back to guys with the crazy eyes! Why is it that the worst relationships correspond with the biggest hits? I just added Mary J Blige to my Pandora station list and the first song for her was “be without you” the song my ex dedicated and would serenade to me that would always melt the angry ice that would frost my emotions towards him and just make me melt. Not that he sang it well but that he “want to be with me got to be with me need to be with me” and yet nothing ever changed he would still lie cheat steal etc but I was a sucker for that 6’2 blonde German man and all that Arian blood running through him not to mention what he was packing (yes I’m a size queen sorry Gillette said it best “don’t want no izty bitzy teenie Winnie short dick man”). Again I think this is a key point to the crazy eyes and what they are attached to. I mean think about it crazy men and women that aren’t that symmetrical or not height weight proportionate we just throw them in institutions cause we know they’re crazy and just don’t accept the eye soar and insanity. But put the same crazy eyes on someone with a nice body and various other virtuous attributes or appendages and we just accept their behavior and let them do what they want hell we help them support them promote them. I think about the crap I accepted as par for course with Rich and had he been 2 inches shorter vertically or horizontally I’d have kicked his ass to the curb with the quickness. But I digress I promised a tale of a hot Brazilian nurse with a hot tail. Well this nurse caught me off guard for starters. He didn’t look anything like his pic (yes a manhunt connection but a real date) he was taller then expected had a sexy goatee and just a pinch of grey in the sideburns which I LOVE oh & an accent ummmmm need I say more. But besides looking better in person then the pics not that they were disappointing pictures (I wouldn’t have agreed to the date if they were I’m picky) but you all know what its like when they only have 2 or 3 pics you question if they’re old or photoshop’d or the best 3 pics out of 1000 but the curve ball was that he was a parent. Now once upon a time when I was very co-dependant I refused to get involved with guys that had kids or even were just freshly discovering their gayness. I would always say “no one puts me on the back burner, I don’t simmer I need to be watched and stirred regularly” but now I think about how busy my life is and most importantly that I have a little brother that’s only going on 10 and I factor in if a person is someone I’d be willing to introduce to family. So him being a parent and being involved in his child’s life shows that he’s a stand up kinda guy to me. Well my Latino Nurse was very busy with his career and on more then one date he got called into work not a big deal watching him get paged and be upset and take off to work made me like him more but here’s the fly in the ointment. He had just gotten out of a relationship and was totally in rebound mode. You know you tell the guy you’re rebounding with all the stuff to convince yourself your doing the right thing “he was so mean and abusive and treated me like a doormat” so the person listening thinks wow you were really dating an asshole you tell them “I’m so sorry you ever put up with that blah blah blah…“ And you think you stand a chance then they call you and say they’re confused and at the ex’s apartment picking up personal belongings and not sure what to do and you think WTF, so you well, I assume they must have been with a crazy eyed person so just cut my losses with that one we did have one more date but I knew who he was going back to or I assume…

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