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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cafe Con frenemy

I sat down to start this afternoon's entry and realized I was at a loss for words. Aggravated by this I wondered am I done already 2 days and 4 blogs later had I tapped all my creative juices dry? Then I look my final sip from my coffee mug understood my dilemma. And by now you're all wondering why (if you don't know already) I call myself an addict. I am a stimulant addict and we'll delve into that pool another time but that should be suffice for now. My first cup of coffee today did nothing to wake or stir me and this is disappointing. If you've ever had the please of one of my cups of coffee you know I make it HIGH OCTANE / CRACKTACULAR and I usually never have more then 1 cup. I must not have measured out the scoops today cause I needed a second cup. And wow I'm even a cunt to myself when I don't have enough psycho-stimulant chemicals flowing through my brain. Now I'm sure some of you are saying caffeine is bad for you. Ya well so is crystal meth-amphetamine and you don't see me disengaging the mechanism over here so count your blessing(FORESHADOW ALERT).

Ok now that I've vented my frustration on consciousness off my chest I can return to bitching moaning and whining about men. Lets talk about facebook and how amazing it is that you can use it as a tool to screen anyone you're interested in just by reading there profiles and affiliations and screen the associates they are in contact with. Does there mother constantly comment on their profile updates and chime in on everything they do. Does someone make innuendo regularly to them or are they always being tagged in bar photos that put them in compromising positions? Or worse the idiots that do wall posts instead of private messages (gotta love those) "great running into you at the clinic hope everything clears up!". Now it really is a great way to stay in touch and find friends that may have slipped through the "lets stay in touch" cracks. I recently downloaded the latest facebook for my phone which managed to scan my phone #'s and find people in my cell phone that were on facebook! Sounds great right? I was tempted to select all 47 people but my gut told me to scroll down the list. I was very happy to find a friend that I had been meaning to call for forever to thank for some practical advice he gave me. He said something to the point of relearning how to date and have relationships and to treat myself like a HS girl and start from scratch. Something like that and yes glad I have taken his advice and taken baby steps back into the world of gay relationships. So needless to say I was happy to check him off and anxiously await a friend request approval and I'm happy to say this morning he accepted and we have started catching up.

Now on to the slippery slope of technology. Along with a few other good friends that I had no idea were on FB there were a few people still in my blackberry (that I save in order to properly screen calls) that I wasn't sure who they were. some were some rather attractive men so I had to really carefully go through them. Is this a hookup I'd like to repeat? Is this a Log Cabin Republican I'm trying to avoid? (BTW we'll be discussing Log Cabin Rep at another time) Is this someone that has hooked up with me then my neighbor? You get my point you how many people on our friends list are really our friends how many people on these lists are we really just frenemies?

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